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Background Checks Effect Your Team | Bradley Screening

Pre-Employment Background Screening

Here at Bradley Screening we realize that our response has an impact on your applicant's job. With the booming economy, more applicants are looking for jobs and ready to go work and receive a paycheck. We have a variety of services to fit your needs.

The Turnaround Time You Need

When it comes to background checks, timing is everything. That's why it is our goal to return your results in a timely manner - so you can make an informed decision on your potential employee. Our goal is to return your background check within 24 to 72 hours, depending on the product and availability.

Get Started with Bradley Screening

To get started, please return a signed background screening release form and a signed authorization form.

Please download these forms, fill them out, and return them back to us to begin your services with Bradley Screening.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to Make an Appointment?

No appointments needed.

How Far Will a Background Report Go?

According to FCRA Ruling, background reports go back seven years.

Can We Log-In Online To Do Background Reports?

Yes, you can: click here to login.

How Long Does it Take to Get The Results of My Background Check?

24 to 48 hours.

Do Your Reports Cover Nationwide?


What All Will a Background Report Pickup?

It will pick up Felonies, Civil and Misdemeanors.  

What Type of Background Reports Do You Offer?

Criminal, Federal, Tenant, National, Sex Offender and Social Security Trace.

Does Your Background Reports Cover Sex Offenders?

Yes, the National check does.

Who Receives the Report?

If you are doing a personal background check, only you will receive the report. If it is a pre-employment background check, your potential employer will recieve the results first.

What Information Do You Need From Me To Do a Background Report?

We need your Name, Social Security number, Date of Birth and address.

Who Pays for the Background Report?

If it is a pre-employment background check, the employer typically does.

How Reliable are Your Results?

We are 100% confident in our background check reports.

Do You Offer Fingerprinting?

Yes, we do.

How Long Before You Get Results on Fingerprints?

Fingerprinting typically takes 42 hours.

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