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Pre-Employment Background Screening


Here at Bradley Screening we realize that our response has an impact on your applicants job. With the economy more applicants are looking for jobs and ready to go work and receive a paycheck.We have variety of services to serve you. Our goal is to return your results in a timely manner. Usually between 24 to 72 hours depending on the product and availability.





Social Security Trace is a powerful investigative tool that may provide information on an individual's name history, present and past addresses and movement patterns based upon the applicant's Social Security Number. It establishes an investigative starting point to allow for better management and focus of the overall screening by potentially revealing names and address history not previously disclosed by the applicant under which additional history may exist.



Multi. State /W Aliases combines mutiple, powerful data solution tools into one unique search. Multi. State /W Aliases uncovers names, addresses and dates of birth as well as known aliases including maiden names as revealed by our SOCIAL SECURITY TRACE search. All dicovered name variations are then automatically searched through our STATE CRIMINAL high speed, multi-jurisdictional search. Multi State Check /w Aliases also includes SEX OFFENDER REGISTRY sex offender screening and PROSCAN NATIONAL DATABASE terrorist watch list searches.

Complete findings are returned in a single, comprehensive report.



Each State Criminal includes the SEX OFFENDER DATABASE by state sex offender screening, PROSCAN NATIONAL DATABASE terrorist watch list report and our aid database derived from millions of historical searches.

State Criminal may be ordered as a multi-jurisdictional search or may be limited to a single state.



PROSCAN National Database is designed to assist users in their compliance efforts with the USA Patriots Act and includes a multiple of databases covering U.S. and foreign sanctions and watch lists provided by U.S. and foreign governments and international organizations.



Sex Offender Registry is a 50 state sex offender screening tool designed for background screening professionals and others needing to verifywhether or not their subject may be a sex offender.

Unlike traditional sex offender search products, Sex Offender Registry incorporates unique, proprietary similarity and probability scoring,easily overcoming obstacles such as misspellings and punctuation, character transposition and applicant fraud.

The end result is enhanced clarity and increased precision, which saves you time. This database may contain information that is not on many sex offender state registry.



The VOLUNTEER SCREENING search is an instant, low-cost screening for use by background screening professionals providing services to qualified volunteer / non-profit organizations.

Volunteer Screening search combines the essence of our SOCIAL SECURITY TRACE , STATE CRIMINAL and SEX OFFENDER REGISTRY products in a consolidated report to arm screeners with a powerful tool to assist their volunteer and non-profit clients in keeping individuals with evidence of past high risk behavior out of vulnerable populations.



The VOLUNTEER-PRO is an enhanced version of instant, low cost screening for use by background screenong professionals providing services to qualified volunteer/non-profit organizations. Volunteer-Pro combines the essence of our SOCIAL SECURITY TRACE , STATE CRIMINAL and SEX OFFENDER REGISTRY products in a consolidated report to arm screeners with a powerful tool to assist their volunteer and non-profit clients in keeping individuals with evidence of past high risk behavior out of vulnerable populations, additionally pursuing known aliases as revealed by our SOCIAL SECURITY TRACE search.





This search includes an examination of the Predominantly Used Index(1) in the Central Court(1) for the jurisdiction requested, returning all Available Records(1) within a minimum of a seven year scope.

County Criminal search services are available in all 3,141 counties in all 50 states.

Innovative employs a multi-layered quality control process which ensures that found records are reviewed by at least two different research professionals prior to being approved for return, as well as other proprietary steps designed to increase reporting accuracy and consistency.

Customized proofing levels are available to post-filter results to more closely match your final requirements. For example, you can specify that traffic infractions be excluded from our final report, or that case identifiers failing to meet your specified parameters not be reported. This brings our report more in line with your final reporting requirements and reduces your operational burden.



State Criminal is a powerful, high-speed multi-jurisdictional search of our proprietary database compiled from mutiple sources consisting of court records, incarceration records, prison/inmate records, probation/parole/release information, arrest data, wants and warrants and/or other proprietary sources.

State Criminal incorporates our unique, proprietary similarity and probability scoring methodologie, overcoming obstacles such as misspelling and punctuation, transposition and applicant fraud. The end result is enhanced clarity and increased precision, which saves you time and strengthens the quality of your overall background screening.



NC Criminal Reports is the industry's most accurate and comprehensive method for searching North Carolina criminal records. Featuring our fully customized and proprietary heuristic matching technology, NC Criminal Reports actually pursues new leads in real time as the search unfolds. Investigative tidbits gleaned during the initial examination are "learned" by the NC Criminal Reports heuristic matching engine and are used to broaden and deepen the scope of the search.

Covers all 100 counties, 30 prosecutorial districts and all criminal courts for the state and far exceeds what is currently available through the NC AOC Court Information System ("Green Screen") or other available North Carolina search products.

Information is updated nightly via a secure feed directly to our NC Criminal Reports servers, providing users with the ability to examine a near-real-time snapshot of the information maintained in the North Carolina Criminal Court Information System by the clerks of court.

NC Criminal Reports is available as a statewide or single county search.



In select jurisdictions, a search of the centralized statewide resource as made available by the state's Administrative Office of the Courts or similar agency is available. This service yields a consolidated examination of court records across multiple jurisdictions within the state in a single search. Requirements and reporting limitations vary by jurisdiction.



Federal Criminal covers crimes that are not prosecuted under local laws, but fall under federal jurisdiction. This database covers "white collar" crimes such as tax evasion, embezzlement, counterfeiting, bank robbery and many other federal crimes. This search lists criminal filings in any of the nation's federal district courts.



Direct verification of claimed current and previous employment. Verify dates of service, job title, job duties, performance, attendance, reason for leaving, rehire status and general comments.



Prior Employment Verifications is a powerful employment verification solution that pulls employer data directly from the Internal Revenue Service, as reported on the applicant's yearly W2s, enabling discovery of employers that your applicant may have failed to disclose.

Prior Employment Verifications returns full salary data by employer for each tax year as reported on the applicant's W2s, so you'll have documented salary history accurate to the penny.



Education verification services will authenticate an applicant's level of formal education and confirm schools attended, degrees obtained and attendance dates.


High School or GED

  • Education verification- Secondary


Relevant inquiries of personal or professional references to obtain an assessment of your candidate.



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